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Health promotion

All people should be able to live a long and healthy life. Health equity is one of the priority goals of the World Health
of the World Health Organisation (WHO). People who find themselves in an existential emergency situation receive emergency aid in Switzerland. Emergency aid includes food, hygiene articles, clothing, shelter and basic medical care. Anyone who is registered in Switzerland has compulsory health insurance, which covers the costs in the event of illness. Health costs that go beyond basic care are covered by supplementary insurance. Unlike basic health insurance, supplementary insurance is voluntary and there is no obligation to take it out. Often sex workers and addicts do not have supplementary insurance, which covers part of the costs for alternative and complementary treatments. Your Breath Matters works together with various contact points in the health and social services, psychotherapists and doctors and would like to support people who work in sex work and/or people who suffer from addiction with the following methods from alternative and complementary medicine: 



Craniosacral therapy - Craniosacral therapy is an alternative, medical form of treatment and is based on a theory that is based on the flow of our brain water. It is primarily used to relax the central nervous system. Based on osteopathy, the therapist uses various manual techniques that activate a self-healing process in the body.



Polarity - Polarity therapy according to Dr. Randolph Stone (1890 - 1981) is a comprehensive health system: it combines Eastern and Western healing methods and is based on a unique model of energy anatomy. The aim is to enable a harmonious, balanced flow of life energy in and around the body in the bi-polar energy field of the human being. Health and natural well-being should thus be promoted and maintained.



SE® - Somatic Experiencing is a psycho-physiological approach to overcoming and coping with traumatic, stressful events. Through orientation in the present moment, through bodily sensations, images and feelings, traumatic experiences that were frozen in the body are released in a gentle way, the held energy can be released and flow away. The nervous system emerges strengthened.



Shiatsu - Shiatsu is a complementary therapeutic form of treatment that works on body, soul and spirit and focuses on the holistic recovery of the person. A Shiatsu treatment triggers sustainable, health-promoting processes and aims to find out what a person's resources are, how these can be strengthened and how the experiences from the treatment can be integrated into everyday life.



TRE® - Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises release chronic muscle tension that is often held in the nervous system long after a traumatic incident. In order for the body to return to a relaxed state, it is important to release these tensions and loosen the muscles. TRE is bodywork, mental or emotional processes are not the focus, rather the body sensations are closely observed while performing the exercises.

TSY - Trauma-sensitive yoga trains body awareness through movement, breathing and meditation exercises. Movement exercises are performed in a perception-oriented way, not performance-oriented. The attention of the practitioner is directed inwards. On the basis of a stable self-awareness, self-efficacy and the ability to self-regulate can develop. By adopting certain postures and consciously perceiving the body, limits can be experienced, which in turn strengthens the practitioner's self-awareness. Traumas lead to immobility and rigidity. Gentle movements, shaking, stretching, bouncing can help to release from this rigidity.



Yoga - Yoga is a holistic exercise system from India, which strengthens body, mind and soul with body and breath work, as well as various meditation techniques. Mindfulness of eating habits is also part of it. The application of various breathing techniques, so-called pranayamas, helps to regulate emotions such as anger, fear and sadness. By mindfully connecting breath and movement, attention is directed inwards, the body can relax and the mind can dwell in the present. In yoga therapy, we work individually with clients in one-to-one sessions.


Centre for Internal Ecology, Zurich
Organisation of the world of work Complementary Therapy OdA KT, Solothurn

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